Monday, 26 April 2010

Stuffed Mushrooms.

or, more specifically, stuffed mushrooms on spicy rice with salad, taken on an iphone.
sorry for the pic quality...

for the mushrooms
3 big-ish, flat-ish mushrooms*

1 slice bacon
half a white onion
half a garlic clove
a splash of milk*
sprinkles of: basil, oregano, salt, pepper

*i made this a bit spur-of-the-moment, so i just picked the biggest, flattest ones i had, but i've since bought an actual flat mushroom, on of the really big ones. gonna try a different filling, more of a bolognese affair (mince. tomatoes. etc.)

for the rice
one portion brown rice
handful of peas
squirt of ketchup
dash of worcester sauce
sprinkles of: chilli powder, basil, pepper, salt

+ any mushroom filling that won't fit in the mushrooms


interesting flavours all around here...

turn on the oven; warm it up like.
boil some water, set the rice off cooking.
cut (or pull...) the stalks from the mushrooms, and place the mushroom caps on a baking tray.
fry the rest of the mushroom filling ingredients - leaving the milk til' near the end, it's just to give a little moisture to the proceedings.
spoon into the mushroom caps. drizzle with olive oil, shove in the oven to roast.
when the rice is nearly ready, bung a few peas in there. when there's only a little water left in the pan (or, because i always put far too much water in - on purpose, kthnx - strain the rice&peas and leave a little water in there with 'em) add the other ingredients, including any leftovers from the filling pan that didn't fit into the mushrooms.
check the flavour/spice is to your liking; plonk on a plate next to some salad leaves.
the mushrooms should be slightly browned and a little shrivelled by now, but as long as they're warm through they're done. serve!

course, omit the bacon for a veggie alternative, substituting it for red pepper or parsnip chunks.

* water can be substituted for vegans!


  1. Yum, I love mushrooms. I'm going to have to make this soon. I'll replace the bacon with vegetarian bacon.

  2. looks so tasty!