Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Noodle Soup.

so the other night i fancied noodles, but not a stir fry.
soup, that's what.

for two small-ish, but very filling portions, you'll need:

- one portion of noodles (i use sharwood's rice noodles which are perfect cos you can snap them in half for smaller noodle pieces, whereas an egg noodle nest is harder to break into smaller pieces...)
- half a carrot, peeled and sliced into really long, thin pieces.
- a handful of spinach
- an onion, sliced into biggish chunks
- a handful of frozen broccoli

- a handful of beansprouts
- one vegetable stock cube
- sprinkles of salt, pepper, chilli powder, ginger, worcestershire sauce and coriander
- a knob of butter*
- water


in a large pan, melt the butter and fry the onions until soft.
add the carrots and then add some of the water and all of the herbs and spices, and the stock cube. then chuck in all the other ingredients (snapping the noodles in half so you have smaller chunks!) and cook until the soup thickens up a bit - add flour if necessary.

SO easy; and very tasty.

* or a dairy free alternative for a vegan dish!

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