Friday, 19 February 2010

Holy Crepe!: A Video

so, I know it's been and gone, and it's a little late for a p-cake video, but it's less of a tutorial and more me pissing about whilst "expertly" flipping batter circles, singing and dancing, and doing Julia Childs/Meryl Streep impressions.

warning, there are copious amount of Sabrina references in here. you'll see what I mean.

and a big up to Dean, who filmed and edited this, when he really didn't have to. LOVEFORYOU.

pancakes are the easiest thing to make ever.
flour; eggs; milk. - a sprinkle of sugar for sweet, a sprinkle of salt for savoury. if you're making both from the same batch, then don't add either.
whisk 'til smooth.
more flour = thicker batter = thicker, probs smaller pancakes (american style)
less flour = thinner batter = flatter, bigger pancakes ("normal" ones)

course, a smaller frying pan will mean your small, thick pancakes are actually round and not questionably shaped, yknow?

I put maple syrup on, innit.

Holy Crepe! came from the pancake stand at uni on Tuesday...

this is, of course, the same mixture as yorkshire puddings, which should be a thick batter (more flour!), mebs with a salt sprinkle, then in t'oven, in a greased cupcake tin, for about half an hour. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    you may like to come to France on pancake day and we'll show you how it's done over here ( add a little rum in your batter).... with much moremilk in the batter, so the pancakes are paper fine ! That way you get to eat more of them ! And shame on your mum for not letting you flip pancakes !! My daughters are 11, 13 and 15 and the 13 year old is the pancake maker in our house : she's better at them than I am !!!
    Kate (one of your mum's friends)