Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Sweet Potato, Spinach & Mushroom Curry.

it comes to my attention that mostly we write and post at night here, and I find this odd cos I always post on ventures first thing.
i mean, currently i'm supposed to be on a night out, but I'm tired and lazy and have to be in uni at 9, so i'm sat in bed, eating chocolate and writing. dumdedum.

anyways, i made this a couple of nights ago - i'm usually a chicken korma or tikka masala kinda gal, but i acquired a free bigass bag of mushrooms and had to have mushroom based meals for the rest of the week - you have a mushroom pasta bake to look forward to, too.

i served this with brown rice, but you can add whatever (rice, naan, poppadoms, mango chuntey..mmm...), just follow directions on the packets etc etc.
i might get around to making a naan sometime, cos i have the recipe, but we will see, we will see.
(note from Ana - try making a refreshing's super easy and cools your mouth if your curry is too hot, otheriwse it's just a tasty side dish!
chop 2inch of cucumber into small quatered pieces, keep them quite thin. add to some natural yoghurt and season. you could try adding some lemon juice to. to add a sweet twist, which works well with this kind of curry, add some dessicated coconut or even replace the cucumber with banana. i tried this at a curry place is spain and it worked surpirsingly well)

these veg portions are rough guides - put in the amount you'd like, if you're more of a certain type of veg.


3 small sweet potatoes, diced
2 handfuls of mushrooms, diced
one handful of baby spinach

half a large onion (or a whole small one!), chopped
one garlic clove

one small tub of natural yoghurt
1/3 of a bar of creamed coconut (you can usually get this in the world foods aisle; and blue dragon do a slightly more expensive one), cut into slices

spices - one teaspoon of each!
garam masala (essential for curries, really!)

+salt&pepper to taste

optional - if you like a spicier curry, i'd recommend adding a chilli or two (instead, or as well as the chilli powder!), and maybe less yoghurt.


chop all your veg and fry off the sweet potatoes in a large flat pan or frying pan for 2 mins. add the onion and crush or chop the garlic and add this too (if you're adding chillis, these go in now too!). fry for another 2 mins.

add the mushrooms. keep frying, keep stirring...throw in the spinach after another couple of mins, then add all the spices and herbs and stir, making sure all your veg is coated in them!

add the creamed coconut and add a little water, a bit at a time, until the coconut has melted. you don't want to add too much water otherwise it will take a long time to reduce and the veg will be overcooked, and you'll be hungry.

add in the yoghurt and stir a lil bit more, til it's all mixed in, then simmer until your curry has reached peak consistency - I'm a fan of the thicker sauces (as likely you can tell from the pic), but if you like a runnier sauce then don't simmer for so long!

curry really isn't that hard to make at all!
(i doubt this is particularly authentic, but it is easy...)


if you're a curry fan and this is the first one you've made, it's worth experimenting with flavours and spices, and trying different amounts until you find the flavour for you.

by the way! this should make 2 small portions or 1 really big one - I had a small portion for tea and the rest for lunch (without side dishes) the next day. woo, value for money!

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